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Because the promises of a smooth talking salesman may not always be what the heating equipment actually delivers, Thermo-Cycler has supported our dealers with a simple, written Satisfaction Guarantee available to the enduser of our equipment from the very first day we started doing business.

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Sample Copy

Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc. guarantees that the THERMO-CYCLER® System will perform in a manner satisfactory to the person or persons making the original purchase decision. This guarantee is only offered and applicable to original purchasers following a thorough indoctrination in system operation and performance through prior experience or visits to other Thermo-Cycler installations prior to the purchase.

In the event of a failure of the system to provide satisfactory performance during the first heating season of operation, Thermo-Cycler Industries, Inc. will furnish additional air handling and/or heating equipment as necessary, at no additional cost to the original purchaser. Additional equipment will be supplied after a thorough evaluation of the complaint under operating conditions. Written notice of dissatisfaction must be directed to:

Gregory Kelver, President
Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc.
111 Hamilton Street
Union Mills, IN 46382-0022
Phone (219) 767-2990

Additional equipment will be shipped F.O.B Destination Point with full freight allowed. All costs associated with unloading and installing any additional equipment will be by others. If additional equipment has been required, this guarantee will be extended through the next heating season.

If the ThermoCycler System fails to perform in a satisfactory manner and all remedial efforts fail, the customer will remove the equipment and ship via common carrier (freight collect) to Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc. as directed. If the unit has only been subjected to normal use and handling, an amount equal to the original invoice will be promptly refunded.


    This guarantee is subject to the following exceptions:

     Building specifications and conditions must be as listed on the original proposal and may be subject to any performance exceptions specified in writing prior to order acceptance;

    ˇ Uncontrolled excesses of outside air must not be introduced into the heated space due to lack of door discipline or other factors;

    ˇ The space must not be subjected to excessive negative pressure due to improper operation of the exhaust or makeup air ventilation systems;

    ˇ The equipment must be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.


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