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Warehouse Air Conditioning with an Air Turnover Heating System

Over the years, many different contractors have asked us to put a DX air conditioning coil in our heating unit. They often tell us that “everybody” else is doing it Putting a cooling coil in an airturnover unit would be pretty easy to do. But we won’t do it for one reason - we just don’t think it is the right thing to do for most air turnover equipment applications. Quite frankly, we strongly  believe there are much better ways to air condition large warehouses or industrial buildings if comfort and energy efficiency are primary objectives for the cooling.

Thermo-Cycler has specialized in Thermo Rotation® applications since the company was started in 1984. And from the start, we have offered a money-back Satisfaction Guarantee on our system that we take very, very seriously. However, if we started to put air conditioning coils in our heating equipment, we would no longer offer that Satisfaction Guarantee. While the initial costs of installing a coil in the equipment may be less expensive than other design approaches to air conditioning, we believe there is a pretty good chance that the enduser may be less than satisfied with the arrangement. But unfortunately, many customers may never even know how much better it could have been if their contractor would have spent just a few more dollars on the initial installation. While it may be old-fashioned and not in sync with common business practice today, we will not sacrifice our hard earned reputation for a short term sale that may have long term consequences for the enduse customer of our system.

It is possible to eliminate the ductwork and to design an air conditioning system that uses Thermo-Cyclers as the primary air distribution equipment. Done right, it is effective, comfortable and economical to operate. One 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for a major control manufacturer had less than 2.6 degrees temperature difference between any two areas in the facility even when outside conditions were above design conditions.. The Thermo-Cyclers used for heating and air distribution in that facility required very minimal motor horsepower. On HVAC equipment that runs 24/7, 365 days per year that operating cost can add up very quickly.

Thermo-Cycler now offers chilled water and DX cooling equipment specifically designed to complement the energy efficient Thermo-Cycler heating system. Our equipment can be installed along with the Thermo-Cycler heating equipment or it can be installed at a later time. While our approach is more expensive than simply putting a big DX cooling coil in a big air turnover unit, we believe that it offers many, many advantages over the way our competitors try to cool a building. Over the life of the project, we believe the cost difference will be paid back many times over.

If you want to air condition your next project, we can offer alternative choices and what you can expect from the choice you make.  We also can offer ventilation approaches that may make more sense than air conditioning the entire area. Often the difference between a properly designed an air turnover based heating and cooling system and a lowest initial cost equipment is only a few cents per square foot on the overall building costs. And the payback time in both operating costs and comfort can be remarkably short.

Before you make your final decision about air conditioning for the project, please carefully compare all differences including the projected annual electric operating costs for each system. Ask how much temperature difference you can expect within the conditioned area with the equipment that is being proposed. Finally, if you decide to buy a turnover type heating unit that has a cooling coil in it, please insist that it also come with a written, money-back Satisfaction Guarantee directly from the manufacturer.


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